Amudim is dedicated to serving community members in times of crisis. Amudim functions as a confidential resource center providing direct support and referrals to individuals and families impacted by abuse, neglect, and addiction. Amudim fills a crucial need in our communities, providing a lifeline, no matter how difficult the circumstance, or how many prior attempts to help have failed. After witnessing the tremendous need for services in the United States, combined with a significant call volume from both students and family members of students studying in Israel, Amudim recognized the need  to open a satellite office catering specifically to the Anglo student population studying abroad.

Israel has always been a central part of our community’s history and identity, and as such,  many of our youth spend a significant period of time here during their most formative years of young adulthood. Currently, foreign students studying in Israel are not eligible for, and thus do not have access to, the same services and resources as Israeli citizens.  In select cases where they are able to access local services, language and culture often become a significant barrier to receiving the help they desperately need. In addition, for many students, being in Israel is the first time they are on their own, thousands of miles away from their abuser, who is typically someone close to home. This distance and freedom empowers many victims of abuse and trauma to disclose  for the first time a secret that they have kept for many years, oftentimes from those closest to them. Another key aspect to this newfound independence is that students who are vulnerable to addictive behaviors now have much more access and freedom to become involved in their drug of choice, with few restrictions placed on them. These are important factors in foreign students lives, which necessitate new supports in place.

An additional aspect of the Israel experience for Anglo students is that it greatly impacts their identities and decisions they will make for years to come, including the kind of person they will marry, where they will live, and the value system they choose. Recent studies have shown that a high number of marriages that end within their first few years are linked to a lack of early treatment for sexual abuse and trauma. Similarly, studies continually report that teenagers and young adults who do not receive proper mental health treatment in their youth will likely struggle with that same issue throughout their adult life. Thus, it is of utmost importance that during this crucial stage in life, our youth have the support and access to the necessary resources to help them build strong and healthy families.


Belief / Mission Statement

Amudim is dedicated to the core human principle that every person deserves to be helped. Founded on the pillars of dignity, compassion, and kindness, we believe that healthy change is possible and real in every situation. Our goal is to support those in crisis on their journey back to normalcy with sensitivity, understanding, respect, and lifelong tools. We are committed to our clients’ complete success and healing, whereby we not only provide pillars of support, but empower others to become pillars of support as well.



To ensure that every Jew facing crisis has a place to turn.




  • To always gives 110% to every person facing an urgent crisis.
  • To constantly enhance our services, as our clients deserve our constant energy and support.
  • To do whatever it takes to help those who have nowhere to turn.
  • To remain unparalleled in standing by people in the toughest times in their lives.

Amudim Steps In

Amudim Israel was set up with three primary goals in mind:

Access to culturally appropriate resources and services.

Building healthy family systems for the future.

Continuity of Care.


Why Amudim Israel

Amudim Israel offers a unique approach for helping those in times of crisis. With our years of experience and vast resources, Amudim has forged important strategic relationships across the globe. Thus, our clientele receives the added benefit of continuity of care, no matter what side of the ocean they find themselves on.

Whether one is in Israel learning in a yeshiva, seminary, or college program, building the crucial first years of marriage in Israel, or adventuring on a summer travel camp, Amudim Israel is always available to them. Our caring staff help clients navigate the foreign system and find the appropriate treatment, whether it is counseling, referrals to therapists, treatment programs, or guidance through the intricacies of a legal process. Our driving mission is to help families stay together and teach them how to provide the practical and emotional support that victims need.


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