Amudim is a Life Saver, providing urgent care when needed most, with the utmost level of professionalism and compassion, Zvi Gluck is on call 24/7. always there where needed most. I wish him and his staff the best of luck with their critical work.- Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein, Director of Ohr Naava



Amudim Presents: SHATTERED

The Drug Reality

Journey of the Soul: The Sanctity of the Body


A Purim Message From Zvi Gluck And Amudim; Masking the Pain and Sorrow

March 10, 2017

Source Link: Yeshiva World News

With Purim just days away, I really wanted to keep this week’s email light.

I really did.

But sadly, I can’t. Because this week has been one of the roughest weeks Amudim has ever had.

Every week you see the chart, and sadly, each number represents a person. ...

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American ultra-Orthodox Are Starting to Talk About Sexual Abuse

February 3, 2017

NEW YORK – The Orthodox Jewish community is slow to change, even – perhaps especially – on difficult issues like child sexual abuse. But speakers at a gathering of leading Orthodox rabbis and others made clear that significant changes are underway at both institutional and cu...

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Amudim Kicks Off Summer Camp With BBQ

July 14, 2016

Source Link: Jewish Link NJ

Back for its 17th summer and better than ever, Gavz Boyz, an action-packed travel camp experience geared to at-risk teens kicked off with a lavish barbecue hosted by Rochelle and Mel Lishitz in Lawrence this past Monday night.

Gavz Boyz, a division of Amudim Community...

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