When a child is in crisis, we as a community need to be there for them and their families to show support in any way we can. The staff of Amudim are taking the lead in making sure that children and families who have already suffered so much feel that their cries are being heard.- Rabbi Yisroel Grossberg, Principal of Bnot Chaya Academy


When people are faced with crisis, their world begins to crumble. In addition to managing the crisis itself, otherwise manageable daily responsibilities become overwhelming. This additional pressure compounds the crisis creating a crushing, seemingly insurmountable physical, psychological, and emotional strain. Our holistic approach to crisis-- providing the skills and tools necessary to effectively manage both the crisis and everyday life-- is necessary for clients to reach optimal positive outcomes.


Crisis Intervention

We serve as a primary database of services, using our own vast resources as well as referrals to other appropriate organizations and social service agencies. Our extensive professional network, experience and relationships allow us to guide those in need with delicate precision.


Sexual Abuse

We understand the particularly delicate nature of sexual abuse and our guiding principle is to treat victims and their families with care and compassion. We maintain the highest possible comfort level for victims through knowledgeable and sensitive staff who offer a wide range of assistance.


Substance Abuse

With addictions being so widespread, there are countless family members and loved ones of addicts who not only have no idea how to help the addict in their lives, but also feel alone in their suffering and  are unsure how to handle the situation. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and porn addictions can wreak havoc on an individual. Without proper intervention and professional help, the situation will spiral out of control, until it is beyond repair.

Medical treatment, therapy or inpatient rehabilitation are often the first critical steps in treating an addict. Follow up care, including addressing underlying issues and reintroduction to normalcy are our end goals. We will provide the vital resources, direction and support to help individuals recover, heal from their addictions and put their lives back in order.


education & training


The key to prevention is awareness and education. Our speakers’ bureau is comprised of top educators and professionals in their fields. Deeply passionate about their work, they share the often-difficult, honest truths of their experiences, balanced with a compassion and empathy that informs, inspires, and ultimately educates.
We offer training to Yeshiva and Seminary staff, Community Rabbis and mental health professionals in Israel. Trainings include understanding the effects of sexual abuse on the victim, his/her family and the community at large, as well as what to do if you suspect abuse. We also provide the necessary tools to enable them to notice signs and symptoms of addiction.

  • Sexual Abuse 
  • Crisis Intervention 
  • Addictions 
  • Referral Services

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